Introduction to 9Bloc!

9Bloc is an exciting development and opportunity for the pallet user!  To respond to the need in the market place for 48×40 Block style pallets to meet Costco’s Pallet requirements, 9Bloc was created!  Here is some information from their website and some Links about 9bloc are pasted below.

Contact me if any questions exist!

Paul Lovett 317-638-4840 or

The Mission 9Bloc is a collaboration of  pallet producers and recyclers, and their customers working together to ensure  delivery of exceptional pallet quality, performance and durability on an  industry-wide basis.

The Competitive Edge Independent  wood pallet companies and their customers who are members will be able to  compete in this changed market through important aspects:

  • One,  the standardized quality-control and inspection process allows use of the trademark 9BLOC logo.  The 9BLOC logo is a guarantee of high quality pallets  that will become the standard for whitewood pallets in the industry.
  • Two,  pallets will be tracked using RFIDs, barcodes, and sophisticated software.  This tracking system allows a cost-sharing  and transfer logistics system that will make the new pallets more affordable  than would otherwise be possible.
  • Three,  this tracking will also help identify problem areas concerning loss and  breakage.
  • Four,  businesses can more quickly address false accusations, as well as keep in from of emerging state & federal regulations.



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